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We live in a world where the color of your skin is an issue at best. Not many people are aware of the concept of sharing or of giving away whats not needed anymore. Where money is still accepted as a way of trade. Where religions and politics cause wars that decimate our own kind. We live in a world where the growth rate of the human population is eating the planet faster then what the planet could survive. Where now a common believe is that aliens made us. We are losing a battle of epic proportions. Where the stakes are so big, the whole idea is incomprehensible to the illiterate /which are the better portion of the world / and those of vague intellect. There are these few steps that will take us to the next level and nobody seems to care for something higher. 
First - Eliminate money as a way of trade and living /change the system that cripples us in a way that may stop our intelligence growth/
Second - Employ desperate measures to control the growth of the population.
Third - There should only be one ENERGY that powers the world none other should be accepted - CLEAN ENERGY
The cost of this project and the technology required to developed the answers is such a costly experiment that we should be ashamed or trying to outrun our shadows while there still are people who don't know what clean water is. Humanity is running to far ahead to know where it is going. Until there's not even one person on this planet that doesn't know how to read such experiments are wasted. Only when the IQ of all the people of earth divided by their amount is in the categories "average" or "above average" will there be anything positive coming out of these experiments.
Who needs an answer that only a few could understand. The world we know, the only world we know is heading towards a disaster of IMMENSE proportions. We will eat ourselves to starvation on a global scale. Petrol will run out before replacement clean energy takes over. The world will go into an global warming leading to a very long ice age.
Will humanity raise again? Maybe. Maybe the only way to save the planet is to destroy it., because this is the direction we are headed. Global conspiracies, political agendas, wealth keepers, aliens where is the truth?
Look outside do you still see the planet the way it was when you were young. Have not the values shifted towards destructions, and always taking the easy route. We may not have much time. Unless we take steps to preserve what is maybe the only 'sentient' life in the universe, we may ultimately become our own executioners. We will devoid the universe of something so precious that our crime .... I don't know. I'm scared of what I see. Rich people telling rich people to tell middle-class people to tell the poor that is their fault. What if the cure for cancer and every other damned illness is in the head of someone that cannot afford education.


Stasi Ganchev

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