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Please read it. I've never been able to do much, and this is the only thing that gives me meaning.

The universe came into being by unimaginable event that came and nicely spread matter trough a medium called space /which the bang created as well/. Matter which formed stars, galaxies, planets and etc... When a solar system is created a few of the most destructive moments are what has enabled the planet, to spawn life. Lets take for an example the “Late heavy bombardment”, which by all ways of imagining a solar system creation is inevitable. Which was needed to transform ooze into a spinned cell /to create a cell wall you need something to spin/create a bubble, to house genetic material, the process has something to do with inertia being transferred and spun to create a shell/. Which is just tiny enough to become resilient until the chaos of the initial forming settles. Then when the surface has been cooled enough to have hard crust those microbes got to work in the water that has accumulated /of billions of comets and asteroids which are mainly comprised of water the basis for all life/ to extract oxygen from water based materials that can be eaten/converted as a waste product. For our planet it was iron. As soon as there was an abundance of food for life, there was only one thing to do, get bigger. Become more complex. And by some unimaginable persistence managed to survive 4.5 billion years to present day. But that can all be just a coincidence right? Well think about it. Not really. Everything that happened had a reason, and algorithm to be completed by the planet to reach life sustaining conditions. /By the way I know you are thinking that the types of planets varies to great extend but bear with me./ Small enough sun, with just the right spectrum to not fry everything in its proximity, gas giants to keep the enormous amount of space debris from reaching the Suns habitable zone. Asteroids in the billions containing life's most needed element water. But this is all just a coincidence. Right? Plants, animals, fungi. Three groups of creatures with an incredibly intimate connections between them, developed from a single cell. Had the right way of feeding to make the environment on Earth even more stable and habitable.

After the planet had multicellular organism roaming it surface the planet started nurturing life and constantly challenging it, to evolve, to survive. Tall grasses, and naturally occurring deforestation in the zones where the sun shined more made our ape ancestors have the need to stand up so that they would be able to see above the grass. And after standing up, there are the basic logic and assessment skills needed to the ape to understand it's surrounding and assess the probability of immediate danger, to be able to find water. Avoid disasters. Not being able to survive on its own, and coming from a communal ancestry the ape begun to create ever more sophisticated social structure. Now just finding food is not enough, you have to be able to fit in, to be protected by the numbers of the tribe. Yes tribe. Because once you are aware of danger there is always safety in numbers. Tools are common. The prey has become the predator. With the food problem being taken care off, and the safety of a well guarded cave now there is enough time to think and contemplate ones own existence. Becoming ever more powerful trough just being smart. The once feared wolves were now a means to a better and more efficient hunting and security. So the early humans domesticated it. Every dog breed into existence today came from a wolf that was a bit tamer then the others and kept getting closer to human and accustomed to their ways and habits. And found human food scraps a renewable and repeatable food source. Now early humanity is powerful enough to venture out into the world. Create walls, rituals, develop morals to guide the future generations on what is right and what is wrong. And because this was knowledge that had to be passed down due to the people understanding how valuable it was, written language was created. By carving an image of something of the time period, that was easily recognizable because it was in everyday use, people were now were able to pass down knowledge. Develop the tools to pass the knowledge more efficiently in the near future and having this as their goal, due to a lot of humanities early righting survived. And all of this project developed itself into existence out of a “randomly” generated planet. I think not. If on another planet the conditions are similar, then there should be no doubt that sentient life will rise to try and become a space race to ensure it's survival. Due to the unique understanding of how valuable/precious life is to the universe. The thought of self annihilation should make every sentient life feel uneasy as they may very well understand that this may deprive the universe of the one most precious commodity LIFE. Do you wanna be responsible for taking your own life, after the universe went trough so much trouble to create you? If there are no eyes to gaze at the stars, then who/what will appreciate the beauty that a single bang created some 14 bil.years ago. The universe came into being, just so that it can see itself. And with that the lesson is over. Now think of how many factors had to go exactly right so that you can read my humble thoughts. Also my English is not in the best of shape. So if anyone out there can correct my type-O please feel free to do it. For the validity of the statements maid here by my thoughts should not have a weak point. Because it puts the entire universe into perspective. I may have gotten a few facts wrong, but I wasn't there to know exactly how things will turn out. You and I were nothing more then dust, oceans and earth, that persisted trough the ages, evolved, to give you conscience and eyes. Now look at beauty that surrounds you, smile. For the smile can also be universal to creatures that know that they are alive.

Stasi 24/may/2014y. 


Stasi Ganchev

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